On a dark Saturday night in October, FoRC participated in some ghostly sleuthing with a number of brave souls. Paranormal Investigations Niagara took groups of eager participants through two floors of the mansion and the empty theatre. Armed with flashlights, cameras, ghost apps, recorders and other devices we trudged through the black corridors, checking our equipment, looking for signs, listening for voices. One device used by the team was the EMF meter which measures the electromagnetic field generated by moving electrically charged objects (or ghosts?). At one point of the tour this meter glowed at full strength. When the two hour tour was completed the teams checked their equipment and compared notes and any unusual photographs. Attached is a picture taken by a ForC member from the second floor. As you can see the EMF meter held by the “ghostbuster” is glowing at full strength. Do you see the ghostly shadow of a woman in a long black dress or is that a figment of your imagination????

Who you gonna call?