With spring making its official arrival (although a soggy one to say the least) it was time to gather up the tools and begin the annual spring clean-up of the Roselawn garden.

We had an ideal gardening day with the sun and warmer weather on Friday, May 12. We were especially inspired by the red and white Canada 150 tulips that had made their grand arrival in the centre of the garden. These tulips were planted last October during our Harold Moseby Day event.

Our small group of volunteers gathered up the leaves left over from the Fall, trimmed the rose bushes, and pulled the weeds. One of the volunteers who had joined us was 91-year-old Jacqueline Ruiter, who had been anxiously waiting to help.

“I had this date circled on my calendar,” she said. “I love being outdoors, it keeps you agile and fit,” said Jackie as she pushed her wheelbarrow along. You may remember Jackie from her shop “Aunt Jackie’s” on Main Street West. She still does embroidery and creates wonderful work with her sewing equipment.

Dave Sabo, the head gardener for the City of Port Colborne pruned all the junipers that surround the mansion’s grand entrance. He also helped our group plant a new ornamental cherry tree, Prunus x yeodoensis “Akebono’ (Yoshino Cherry). This is a small deciduous tree that boasts masses of large, soft pink, semi-double flowers along its bare branches in mid spring. As a young tree it is rather upright but becomes more spreading with age making it a perfect addition to the Roselawn grounds.

So, if you have time please come by, stroll along the garden driveway, and enjoy the greenery and blossoms. Sit and rest a while on one of the park benches installed last year.

Tell us what you think about the garden’s restoration progress and send in your pictures so we can share them on Friends of Roselawn Centre’s social media sites. (Please email pics to friendsofroselawn@gmail.com).

Happy Gardening!