FoRC's Mission and Mandates

The Friends of Roselawn Centre (FORC) is a non-for-profit and charitable status volunteer advisory board whose mission is to resurrect the Roselawn Centre, a civic centre in a magnificent historic mansion currently sustained by the municipality.

The FORC was formed in April 2013. Using the Roselawn Centre, the Friends of Roselawn Centre want to create a permanent, sustainable community arts centre that stimulates and helps co-ordinate the development of the visual, literary, performing and heritage arts within the local community and beyond.

Our mission: Creating a home for the arts and entertainment at Roselawn to ensure a vibrant cultural life for our community.

Our group of energetic community members have a passion for art and culture, and a love for the beloved Victorian Mansion.

The Friends of Roselawn Centre have established two mandates:

  1. To help facilitate the offerings of art & culture events in both the community at large and at the Roselawn Centre, itself;
  2. Through partnership with the City of Port Colborne, help restore and maintain the Roselawn Centre and the beautiful Victorian Mansion.

The Friends of Roselawn engage in social inclusion, eradication of racism, and promote equity and diversity in our community. We advance equity by building an inclusive centre and increasing our understanding of practices while eliminating barriers and forms of discrimination.