Stained Glass Window

Our mansion was the home of Lewis and Mary Carter from 1860 until 1896. They were followed by their nephew, Charles Sperry Carter.

In 1902, Charles Steele purchased Roselawn from the Carter estate. Mr Steele made significant changes to the mansion: he constructed a new kitchen, added the beautiful sunroom on the west side of the house, and changed the front entrance.

The lovely stained glass window in the hall near the front door would have been added at this time. Its design is typical of the period, as are the glass panels in the sunroom.

Pat Bowman suggested that the window might make a good logo. It was, indeed, the inspiration for the drawing which you will have seen many times on Friends of Roselawn material.

A rose is featured in the design of the window. We have been told that of all the flowers in her beautiful garden, the yellow rose was Mrs Carter’s favourite. It is fitting, then, that the yellow rose is also an emblem of our group. Let your imagination take you back in time to the days when Mrs Carter might have been seen entering the front door with a fragrant bouquet of yellow roses for the parlour.

 Be sure to visit the window the next time you are at  Roselawn and imagine the Steeles admiring the beautiful rainbows dancing in their front hall as the sun shone through the coloured glass.

 The window is one of the many unique features of our historic mansion… a treasure for us all.

Carole Black Brisley